Live Mock Interviews

(Technical & Non-Technical)

Interviews aren’t an easy nut to crack especially when you are a fresher because theoretical knowledge and just being aware of the concepts is not enough when you face an interview. Moreover, fear and anxieties take over your performance leading to rejection. You can overcome this situation through practice and right guidance. 

We, at MindBurger Innovative Solutions provide a platform for those who are seeking to get equipped to face an interview in an effective manner. This platform can be utilized by both undergraduates and post-graduates in domains like: 

1. Any stream of engineering
2. Management studies
3. Arts & Science
4. Commerce

Live Mock Interviews by MindBurger Innovative Solutions gives you an opportunity to get hands-on experience of a real-time job interview. We handpick experts from the top companies in the industry to conduct mock interviews for you and help you get familiarized with the real-time interview environment.

The feedbacks that you get from these experts will help you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses based on which you can take action and work on improving your knowledge and skills before attending the actual interview.

Attending MindBurger's Live Mock Interviews will give you an edge over your peers which is critical in today's hyper-competitive job market.


The experience with the interviewer was very good and helpful Interviewer covered all important topics and he went in-depth in each area with his questions which helped me in understanding the kind of questions that can come up during the actual interview. It helped me in understanding that just bookish knowledge is not enough to clear the interviews, a direction in which I should go about with my preparation for the actual interview. The interviewer was giving good time to me to explain everything in detail rather than rushing with the questions

Got feedback from the interviewer, the feedback was insightful and gave a clear picture of where I stand currently and what I should do to move ahead Interviewer also explained the expectations of the industry from the freshers like us. Overall, the time that I spent on attending the live mock interview was valuable and action-oriented.

By Samardh K, Pursuing B.Tech - Computer Science

The interview went very well. The interviewer asked questions at various level, starting with basic level, if I am able to answer, he went to the next level on the same question and then based on my answers, he went deeper & deeper. He made me do the same programs in many different ways which helped me a lot in getting better understanding of the concepts and I feel very confident after doing that. Got feedback from the interviewer He helped me with the kind of questions that can come up in the actual interview on various concepts / topics I got a very clear idea of the areas where I am good at and where I have to prepare more Also, his feedback helped me in getting an idea on how to prepare for the interviews as I got an idea how the questions will be asked in a practical way rather than in a theoretical way.  Would rate the interviewer 10/10. 

I recommend everyone to take up the mock interviews by MindBurger Innovative Solutions.

By Gokul Sai, Pursuing B.Tech - Computer Science


Mock Live Interview

Rs. 3700

 Rs. 1845 

Number of Interviews - One 
Mode of Delivery - Online
Duration - 30 minutes
Access to Interview Recording - Yes
Instant Feedback - Yes

The Interviews will be conducted by experts working in top MNCs

Terms & Conditions

1. In case of intimation of cancellation 24 hours before the scheduled time, MindBurger will accommodate to schedule 2nd slot (1 time only) with no additional fees.
2. If cancellation of an Interview slot is done within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the registration for Mock Interview will be considered as NULL & Void.

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