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In the year 2009, two passionate individuals ventured into the field of education with a vision of bringing positive changes to the education system and transform minds. This vision laid the foundation for the creation of the organization 
MindBurger Innovative Solutions in the year 2011.

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About Us

MindBurger is a company with the heart of a Social Enterprise with the sole objective of bringing a positive transformation to the Academic structure prevailing in India.

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We believe in being a lean and mean organisation whose brand-building is based on the delivery of promise of transformation.


To Bring about a Transformation in the education system of India and act as a catalyst for giving birth to tomorrow’s leaders in every area of human endeavor.


To transform traditional pedagogy through intervention programs like mentor-ship, coaching and training to achieve transformation of the mind.

What Our Students Say

When I joined this program, I was unable to speak English. While speaking I was not confident as my knowledge in English was not that good. After attending this program I am able to speak English well and moreover, I enjoy speaking in English now as I can speak fluently and confidently.

Veena - MBA Final Year, Bangalore

I joined SPEnglish as I was not that good in English and not confident while speaking. After completing SPEnglish program I got confidence to speak and I understood that conscious focus on grammar is not required while speaking. And now I enjoy speaking in English.

Nivedita - MBA Final Year, Bangalore

SPEnglish program made me understand that English is within us. This program helped me to bring out the hidden English speaking skills and helped me in overcoming the fear of speaking English and guided me in improving my communication skills.

Rakesh - B Tech, Bangalore

Our Clients

Adhiyamaan CoIIege of Engineering

We are proud to announce that MindBurger Innovative Solutions has signed an MOU with Adhiyamaan CoIIege of Engineering, Autonomous, MGR Nagar, Hosur to impart training for their students to enhance their knowledge and behavioural skills.

SJB Institute of Technology

We are proud to announce that MindBurger Innovative Solutions has signed an MOU with SJB Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka to impart training for their students to enhance their knowledge and behavioural skills.

The MindBurger Team

Suraj PG

Co-Founder & Director

Suraj P G is a multi-talented professional offering a distinguished career of over 26 years in helping organizations achieve their strategic objectives in the education domain. After a brief stint of 7 years in Middle-East, his passion on education and entrepreneurship brought him back to India. The knowledge and experience gathered during the last 18 years made him to feel that the education system in India needed a fresh fillip. With that objective in Mind, MindBurger Innovative Solutions was brought into existence.


Co-Founder & Director

Chidambaram is a multifaceted personality who is always curious and likes to explore various aspects of life. This nature of his enabled him to venture into the world of entrepreneurship after a stint of 19 years in the IT industry. The knowledge and experience gathered over the years by working with people across the globe made him feel that if the minds of younger generations has to be ignited then a paradigm shift in the mindset of the teachers, students as well the parents is required. With this objective in Mind, he is on a mission to transform lives through the innovative organization, MindBurger Innovative Solutions.


Co-Founder & Director

Naren’s mission is to help achieve positive & long-term change in lifestyle and want to help you make your life a little better than ever through socio-commercial ventures. With his two decades of experience in Information technology industry in managing & executing IT Solutions & Services for top brands across the world and over one decade of coaching, empowering & enabling individuals’, and making an Impact. He has now diversified his experience & expertise into business in the areas of Education, Wellness & Furniture Industries.


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